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 admin meetings

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DX Rocket

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PostSubject: admin meetings   Thu Jan 03, 2013 7:23 pm

Alright I have an annonucement Mai is my sister and a co-owner of nyan and I wouldn't even have had the idea to reopen it if it wasn't for her so From now on no more admin meetings with out the the head admins (me Carpe mai and Hinata)

You Scored as VI: The Lovers
This is a card symbolising couples, relationships and strong bonds. The love does not have to be physical, nor even called by that name. This card indicates the trust and openness of such a relationship. The two Lovers have no secrets from each other. In a Tarot reading this card can indicate the forging of a new relationship, the strengthening of an existing one or simply the two Lovers working together to overcome problems. This Card Reversed can represnt the loss of trust, possibly leading to the breakdown of the relationship, decption, pain.

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PostSubject: Re: admin meetings   Thu Jan 03, 2013 8:17 pm

True, But technically we didn't have an admin meeting, all we did was demote people based on activity level, which is standard procedure for any forum, but I agree no more meetings without the four of us. Also if there needs to be an emergency meeting and one of us cannot be reached I think it would be best for the admins present to hold the meeting and inform the other admin through a pm. This is as a last resort.
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admin meetings
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