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 Amazoness Boot Camp

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PostSubject: Amazoness Boot Camp   Sun Jan 13, 2013 2:28 am

It's come to my attention that many of our members are lacking potential. Our war againsttt whoever was a total failure. I went ahead and just surrendered because i wanted to spare us the humility. SO its time for a change. No longer will we be the nooby team.

Starting some time this week, i will gather all of the amazons for basically yugioh lessons -_-

Co-Teachers: Amazoness Queen, Amazoness Trainee, Amazon Dark Knight.

In this class, we will teach you what to do in specific situations, deck building, etc.

Who teaches what:

Go through Deck building and techniques with Alyssa, the Amazoness Trainee

Go through meta cards and strategies for use in wars or rated with Amazon Dark Knight.

Go through Commonly messed up rulings and Any other questions you want to know with Amazoness Queen.

Note other teachers will interact and may help teach a certain class.

This class is mandatory for the war team, which i will post in the team forum. Others are invited to join, but this is optional.
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Amazoness Boot Camp
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