The Dueling dragons Academy


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 The Dueling dragons Academy

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Amazon Lord Kunoru


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PostSubject: The Dueling dragons Academy   Sun Mar 03, 2013 11:48 pm

Well so it seems Nyan is going through a bit of a rough time. So is My academy.
Neo nyan is affiliated with TDDA so I thought it would be appropriate to write this message.

We're really down in members, I recently deleted All of the inactive members...

We could use the help (Opinions and new joinees) To make TDDA greater then it currently is, as it is in the dark of the world...

I Also thought that maybe I could work things out in TDDA using a guild system such as similar to what is on the Manga/anime "fairy tail"
Jobs, points rewarded, and things to purchase with "dragon scales"
Wouldn't that be fantastic to be a part of???

Well It is up to you all,

I still have to make preperations..

And last and not least.

Ross And Carpe, I hope you two are doing swell, it's been a long time as well Lady Hinata~

Your's Sincerely

The Lord Of The Dueling Dragons Academy.
All Hail The greatness of the the majestic Dragons


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The Dueling dragons Academy
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