King's Poetry Book #2


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 King's Poetry Book #2

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The King Of Darkness


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PostSubject: King's Poetry Book #2   Fri Jan 11, 2013 9:09 pm

* I’m just a blackened rose, sitting in a vase,
All alone on a shelf in this godforsaken place.
* Watered with blood, tears and memories of death,
A pinch of formaldehyde and a widow’s final breath.
*Sheltered with sad songs of a broken heart,
And tales of broken lovers forever torn apart.
*Hidden by dark clouds of this eternal storm,
Once so red and full of life now takes this gothic form.
* A reminder of the pain that haunts and taunts our soul,
A life once pure and full of light now as black as the blackest of coal.
* As the blackened petals, like tears begin to fall,
Serve as a reminder of our nightmares, that are real and apart of us all.
* And keep us in the shadows, forever never to be seen,
This blackened rose that remains forever blackened and unclean.

Pretty young teen
On a pretty pink cell
Didn't know she would talk
Her way straight to hell

Pavement so slick
Her car out of control
Swerving and sliding
She crashed into the pole

Wreckage behind
Her friend’s lives were lost
When she picked up the phone
Was it worth such a cost?

Tortured families
Now lives thrown away
Because one stupid girl
Had something to say

I found her letter,
It was sealed with a kiss.
Sealed with her red passion,
One i will soon learn to miss.
Said i won’t be back for a while,
Hope i would be missed.
It said nothing here is the same,
And my love was a true gift.
But she needed something better,
She needed me to understand her letter.
Now she is on the highway driving away from me.
Coppery brown hair waving in the sky, you'll see.
Beautiful brown eyes with tears wiped away with goodbyes.
She has no plans on where to go.
As long as she runs away from my love.
Now she tells me i did nothing wrong,
She said she had planned this all along.
Leaving me to wonder what could of gone wrong,
She taught me to love,
She taught me to cry.
She taught me that all i needed to be was already inside,
What the hell could i of done.
She left me a letter,
Said I'll be gone for a while.
Please don’t follow,
For I've already crumbled.

He keeps hitting his head,
Trying to get the voices to stop.
They grow louder and louder,
Not showing any surrender.
Not knowing the voices were his future,
Speaking of death,
Because of his mistakes.
What will it take,
To get these voices to stop?
He drinks until he drops,
Because the insanity of his fears were too much.
He is done,
These fears were insane.
In the end,
He died,
And left his insanity behind.

You broke a promise that you had made,
Shattered my heart and gone away,
But in my mind you still dwell,
And your poison burns me alive in this hell.
I see the likeness of you in everyone,
Crying I pray that the morning sun,
Will bring an end to all my sorrow,
But it seems an eternity until tomorrow.
I search my soul to answer your riddle,
“One way to heaven, all roads to hell,”
And here I am, stuck in the middle.

I look through the glass and what do I see?
The man that I have tried to be,
The one that smiles without reserve,
Who is happy in every sense of the word.
He loves all that is his in this beautiful life,
And has happy children with his loving wife.

Then I step away to see the lies,
And all that happiness just dies.
I am left with nothing again
As I shatter the glass and world within.
I curl into a ball on the floor,
And forget the life that I would adore.

Into the shards of glass I gaze,
And pray for visions of better days.
But all the magic has left it now,
Just me alone wondering how,
This broken man that I now am,
Could find a way to really give a damn.

I step into the ocean
With weights on my feet
The feel of the waves
So bitter sweet

I slip past the surface
To a place with no sound
Let me drown in the water
Just let me drown

So steady my heartbeat
The rhythm of life
No chance for escape
No scissors or knife

Nothing to free me
From which I am bound
Let me drown in the water
Just let me drown

Now uneven my pulse
And unsteady my mind
I’m leaving this world
And my heartache behind

The pain of this earth
Is still pulling me down
So let me drown in the water
Just let me drown

8. The Darkness Of Death
I’m walking through this house,
Lost in the shadows of this unknown place.
I don’t know how I got here,
I don’t know what I’m looking for,
All I know is that feeling deep down inside of me.
That feeling of death.

I start to breath heavily,
My heart beating harder as I search through the house.
At the end of a hallway I walk into a room,
And I know he is in there,
The person that I have been looking for.

I feel something in my hand and look down to see a knife,
The blade glinting like a jewel in the moonlight.
I step toward him,
Raising the knife above my head,
Able to hear nothing but the constant rhythm of his breathing as he sleeps.
I know what I’m about to do but I can’t believe it,
Can’t stop myself.

I bring the knife down,
Grinning as I feel it sink into his flesh.
His eyes open and he screams,
The sound awakening a full realization of what I have just done,
But I can’t quit, and I continue to plummet the knife into him.
As his screaming stops,
I drop the knife on his chest.

Now I’m running down the sidewalk,
The house leaving my sight.
There are cars speeding after me,
Their lights flashing blue and red,
But I don’t hear sirens.
I can only hear the sound of his screams,
Still fresh in my ears.

I race past the people on the streets,
All of them looking accusingly at me,
But I don’t look back.
All I can hear are his screams,
Drowning out any sirens from the cars,
And I don’t know if they are still there.

Finally I have the nerve to look back over my shoulder,
But nothing is there,
Just a deep and dark abyss.
I look back in front of me,
Only to see that it is also part of the eternal darkness.
And now I realize that this is all a dream.
One of those dreams where if you go too far into the abyss,
You never wake up.

I’m completely surrounded by darkness,
Bringing back that feeling deep inside of me,
That feeling of death.
But this time I can’t shake it,
I just keep running.
Running into the darkness of death.
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DX Rocket

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PostSubject: Re: King's Poetry Book #2   Fri Jan 11, 2013 9:24 pm

these a darker than the first But I enjoed them Keep writing u have a gift

You Scored as VI: The Lovers
This is a card symbolising couples, relationships and strong bonds. The love does not have to be physical, nor even called by that name. This card indicates the trust and openness of such a relationship. The two Lovers have no secrets from each other. In a Tarot reading this card can indicate the forging of a new relationship, the strengthening of an existing one or simply the two Lovers working together to overcome problems. This Card Reversed can represnt the loss of trust, possibly leading to the breakdown of the relationship, decption, pain.

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PostSubject: Re: King's Poetry Book #2   Fri Jan 11, 2013 9:34 pm

I concur with what ROSS Stated lol.


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The King Of Darkness


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PostSubject: Re: King's Poetry Book #2   Fri Jan 11, 2013 9:47 pm

Lol but dark and deep poetry is what im good at
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PostSubject: Re: King's Poetry Book #2   

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King's Poetry Book #2
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