King's Poetry Book


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 King's Poetry Book

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The King Of Darkness


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PostSubject: King's Poetry Book   Fri Jan 11, 2013 7:03 pm

I know that its bad for me
But poison tastes so good
Even when it tears me apart inside
Like only poison could

Its in human nature to want some poison
Whether its a person, an item, or a habit
You never care if its good for you
All that matters is that you have it

So you can go against human nature
Stop here and make your stand
But I'm gonna pick Poison
And go down with her hand in my hand

Tell me blind man what do you see?
I see the world, the earth and the skies
All without ever needing my eyes.

Tell me deaf man, what can you hear?
I hear the music of hopes, of fears
All without ever needing my ears.

Tell me mute man, what can you say?
I speak of dreams from when I was young
All without ever needing my tongue.

Tell me human, what can you do?
I see the pain on a lovers face.
I hear the noise of a worlds disgrace.

I speak of hatred, I talk of power.
I do nothing...
Nothing but age by the hour.

I feel rubble beneath my feet.
I smell sweat in a summer’s heat.
I taste the rot of a world undone.

I do nothing....just like everyone.

It's like I see you through mirrored glass
Forehead against it I’m watching you pass
My hands to the window, so longing to touch
But this wall up between us is too strong, and too much

You can't hear what I say, and can't see what I do
You don’t know that I'm aching, begging for you
I’m just a reflection, blind to your eyes
You see no detection of the guy who cries

Transparent my nightmare, so close to your skin
Useless my efforts, because I cannot win
I’m trapped here without you, day after day
Just watching you, wanting you in every way

I’m praying to god that the glass will shatter
But if it did, would it really matter?
Could I still be a ghost in your sight?
Forever Concealed from your hearts warm light

In dream a weary traveler
Knocked inside my brain.
He smiled and said excuse me sir
I think you've gone insane.

In joyful stride he turned away
So thoroughly amused
And he left me there in my own dream
Insane and so confused.

They gravel at my feet yet curse my name,
Throughout time my legend earned its fame.
The defiant brother struck down in spite,
Then reborn in earths sinful delight.
The hate felt only sharpens my blade,
You’ll burn with me until your debt is paid.
I'll roam the earth and take to any shape,
Until all your innocence is raped.
Only then will you begin to see,
No brother of mine can set you free.
Still they label me only Heartless,
But you may call me The King of Darkness.

I ate from the tree of Eden
From the tree that is forbidden
I bit from the core of evil
I tasted sin that had been hidden

I ate from the tree of Eden
From the tree of right and wrong
I feel the power that it comes with
This is where I belong

I ate from the tree of Eden
From the tree of life and death
I swallowed down the apple
I could taste it on my breath

I ate from the tree of Eden
The devils home away from hell
I ate from the tree of Eden
Cause its human nature to rebel

A simple bird, an eagle
It's majesty well known
A country rests upon its wings
No matter where it has flown

A simple bird, a pigeon
People often forget their wit
Lost among the crowded cities
All they're known for is their shit

A simple bird, a raven
With A midnight purple glow
Ravenous beauty goes unseen
To all except for Poe

A simple bird, a mourning dove
Its Woeful song belies
The cooing of a lovers tune
Through melancholy cries

A simple thing, a human
Eyes always to the sky
Envious of simple birds
Just wishing they could fly

As I break my knuckles on the bricks,
Time goes on with these little ticks.
Blood drips from my clinched fists,
Never have I been more pissed.
How can one lose what they never had,
A man who dreamt of being a dad?
A woman that lost life before giving it,
Why do the riddle and the answer not fit?
Why is it never the right time?
Is happiness a true crime?
This backwards logic is killing me,
But then maybe I will be able to see.
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PostSubject: Re: King's Poetry Book   Fri Jan 11, 2013 8:07 pm

To think that Zart had a poetic side to shows how much you know a person sometimes. BUT THIS IS A POSITIVE SUPRISE. NICE POEMS BRO KEEP EM COMING!


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DX Rocket

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PostSubject: Re: King's Poetry Book   Fri Jan 11, 2013 8:08 pm

dude u got serious skill

You Scored as VI: The Lovers
This is a card symbolising couples, relationships and strong bonds. The love does not have to be physical, nor even called by that name. This card indicates the trust and openness of such a relationship. The two Lovers have no secrets from each other. In a Tarot reading this card can indicate the forging of a new relationship, the strengthening of an existing one or simply the two Lovers working together to overcome problems. This Card Reversed can represnt the loss of trust, possibly leading to the breakdown of the relationship, decption, pain.

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PostSubject: Re: King's Poetry Book   

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King's Poetry Book
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