NWO Hollywood needs members


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 NWO Hollywood needs members

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DX Rocket

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PostSubject: NWO Hollywood needs members   Sun Feb 24, 2013 6:52 pm

NWO Theme

'Hollywood"Hulk Hogan :Open
Scott Hall :Open
Brett "The hitman" Hart : open
The Giant :Open
Vincent : open
Eric Bischoff ; Open
Buff Bagwell : Open
Scott Norton : Open
Denis Rodman : Open
Brian Admams : Open
The desciple ; Open
Dusty Rhodes : Open
"Bid Poppa Pump "Scott Steiner : open
Horace Hogan : Open
NWO Sting (Cobra) : Open

You Scored as VI: The Lovers
This is a card symbolising couples, relationships and strong bonds. The love does not have to be physical, nor even called by that name. This card indicates the trust and openness of such a relationship. The two Lovers have no secrets from each other. In a Tarot reading this card can indicate the forging of a new relationship, the strengthening of an existing one or simply the two Lovers working together to overcome problems. This Card Reversed can represnt the loss of trust, possibly leading to the breakdown of the relationship, decption, pain.

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Amazoness Queen

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PostSubject: ._.   Tue Mar 19, 2013 11:11 pm

Lol Wat.
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NWO Hollywood needs members
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