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 Team Elemental Six Chronicles

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"Why don't we form an team and reach victory in that tournament?" Tom said suddenly.

"I think it's a very neat idea." Peter, Tom's brother, replied

"I agree too." Angela, their mutual friend, chirped from the corner.

Each of the three friend ran a deck based around certain element. Angela ran Light deck, Tom ran a Water deck, and Peter ran a Fire deck. And each had a special card in their decks: a Charmer that corresponded to the element they ran. Those cards were their duel spirits and proof of the bond between them.

They had other three Charmers in their possession also, and waited to find three element duelists to join their team and hand them those.

So they started their search the very next day. However, they didn't know the future that awaited them.


"Hikari, the Elemental Lord and Holy Knight?" Angela asked "Not only that, but there is an Elemental Lord of every element and their counterpart knights? We need to have those too."

Her two friends agreed and bought them, sharing them according to decks they wielded.

Then they met a duelist named Luke who used a Gimmick Puppet deck.

(to be continued as soon as I can.)
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Team Elemental Six Chronicles
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