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 Maybe leaving

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PostSubject: Maybe leaving   Thu Feb 07, 2013 12:52 pm

Ok I don't like how Administrators overlook someone for the Administrator spot that spot and give it to someone who has really done nothing big. I just don't think this kinda shit is for me so yeah oh and I am the one who made the rules don't think admins did.
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PostSubject: Re: Maybe leaving   Thu Feb 07, 2013 3:47 pm

Well First of all ur rules are down so yea dont worry about it, and u ddont deserve Admin for a few reasons let me elaborate: 1. You let ur emotions cloud ur judgment. (Hence why u were ip banned in the first place. 2. YDN rules say that if u were banned at any time u cant be mod or admin, so why not follow ur own rules. 3. The other admins deserve it more, HENCE WHY WE VOTED FOR THEM TO TAKE THE SPOT! 4. They are more liked by members, we can create a poll if you want.

I am not being mean, but I specifically stated before I dont want to hear stuff like this, and if u didnt know well u should have read all the posts about the new admins.


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PostSubject: Re: Maybe leaving   Thu Feb 07, 2013 5:15 pm

this happens a lot XD
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PostSubject: Re: Maybe leaving   

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Maybe leaving
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